Reading Comprehension Passages for Kindergarten – Grade 1 who are learning to read and comprehend simple texts

This worksheet is designed to help kindergarten and grade 1-2 students improve their reading comprehension skills. It consists of 20 basic stories, each followed by 3 multiple-choice questions with short answer options.

The first 13 passages are shorter and have 2 multiple-choice options per question, while the next 7 passages are slightly longer and have 3 multiple-choice options per question. All the stories are accompanied by colorful graphic illustrations to make them more engaging for young learners.

Reading Comprehension Passages for Kindergarten-Grade 1

The stories cover a range of simple topics that are likely to be familiar and interesting to young children. They include titles such as “Little Bunny at the Park”, “Sally and a Yellow Flower”, “Lily Jumps Waves and Has Fun”, and “Baking Cookies with Mom”.

The passages are designed to be easy to read and understand, with simple sentences and vocabulary appropriate for kindergarten and grade 1-2 students. The questions are also designed to be simple and straightforward, with a focus on basic comprehension skills such as identifying main ideas, making inferences, and recalling details.

Overall, this worksheet is a useful tool for helping young children develop their reading comprehension skills in a fun and engaging way.