Personal Pronoun Puzzle: Completing Sentences with the Right Pronoun

This set of first-grade children worksheets focuses on teaching children how to properly use personal, possessive, and indefinite pronouns. It also includes exercises to improve their understanding of the pronoun-verb agreement, as well as selecting the best subject and verb for a sentence. Additionally, students will learn how to use the correct possessive pronouns and complete sentences with the correct personal pronoun.

Pronoun Practice: Using Personal, Possessive, and Subject Pronouns for 1st Grade


These worksheets are perfect for educators who want to give their students a strong foundation in grammar and language. Whether you’re teaching in the classroom, homeschooling, or engaging in distance learning, these worksheets are an excellent resource. They can be used for independent practice or as part of a lesson plan.

The worksheets are easy to use and understand, making them ideal for young learners. They are available for purchase on the popular educational platform, Teachers Pay Teachers. With this purchase, you will receive a digital download that you can use with your students again and again. Give your students the gift of a solid grammar education with these excellent worksheets today!