Fantasy Dog Tales: Grade 1 Reading Comprehension Pack

Fantasy Dog Tales: Grade 1 Reading Comprehension Pack

Engage your grade 1 student with this captivating reading comprehension resource featuring five fantasy passages about dogs. Each passage consists of five short and simple sentences, carefully designed to suit young readers. Titles such as “Buddy’s Enchanted Journey,” “The Long-Eared Explorer,” “Max’s Magical Wings,” and “Sam’s Super Strength” will spark their imagination. Colorful graphics accompany each passage, making the reading experience even more enjoyable.

Fantasy Dog Tales: Grade 1 Reading Comprehension Worksheets

This resource includes three comprehension questions for each passage, allowing you to assess students’ understanding and encourage critical thinking. Each question has three multiple-choice answer options, providing students with a clear and straightforward task. An answer sheet is provided for convenient grading and assessment.

Perfect for grade 1 students, this reading comprehension pack aims to foster their comprehension skills while immersing them in imaginative and enjoyable reading exercises. Help your students build their reading abilities and develop a love for reading with this engaging resource.


  • Five captivating fantasy passages about dogs
  • Five short and straightforward sentences per passage
  • Vibrant and colorful graphics to enhance engagement
  • Three comprehension questions per passage
  • Three multiple-choice answer options for each question
  • Answer sheets included for easy grading
  • Suitable for grade 1 students
  • Designed to strengthen reading comprehension skills